Europe has a unique technological position in the space market and continues to invest heavily in the development of new technologies. Although new concepts and technologies are continuously being worked on in European and national programmes, few find their way to flight programmes in a short time as they are often deemed to be too immature or unproven for early selection into a flight programme. This applies in particular to the GEO-orbit.

The objectives of PLUGIN (Payload Universal Geostationary Interface)

  1. Realising a framework for a long term, structural programme to accelerate innovation and a more rapid adoption of new technologies in European institutional and commercial space missions.
  2. Establishing mechanisms for matching IOD/IOV payloads with launch opportunities
  3. Providing the European space technology community with a central portal towards information on IOD/IOV initiatives, opportunities, etc.
  4. Achieving a closer integration of various IOD/IOV initiatives (at EU, ESA, EDA, national and commercial level) in order to leverage the various capabilities for IOD/IOV already available in Europe
  5. Establish an implementation plan for the first five years of such a programme in order to ensure a structural commitment to space technology innovation and maturization.

EC Horizon 2020 COMPET-5 work programme 2014

PLUGIN is part of the EC Horizon 20202 COMPET-5 IOD/IOV space work programme. Please follow the link to the Horizon 2020 work programme document for more details on the COMPET-5 programme.

How to participate?

Stakeholders in the space sector are invited to join the project by calling for IOD/IOV missions or offering services for these missions and participating in the PLUGIN events.

If you have any questions about the project or participation check the “frequently asked Questions” section or contact the PLUGIN coordinator.

Contact information

PLUGIN Project Coordinator


AIRBUS Defence and Space SAS

31 Avenue des Cosmonautes

31400 Toulouse, France

T: +33 (0) 562 196 305

E: didier.scouarnec@airbus.com