Surrey Satellite Technology

SSTL Surrey Satellite Technology

Surrey Satellite Technology is a pioneering space company and world leader in the design, manufacture and operation of high performance small satellites and the provision of equipment and services.

The company prides itself on being able to provide satellite solutions from first concept through to in-orbit operations, specializing in adapting advanced terrestrial technologies and processes to the space environment, continually prioritizing the development of satellite technology and delivering missions with a high ratio of performance to cost.

SSTL is a UK-based satellite manufacturing company owned by EADS Astrium NV (99%) and the University of Surrey (1%). Surrey Satellite Technology is an “Autonomous Entity” within EADS Astrium NV.

SSTL is made of Four operational units:

- SSTL: satellites and supporting infrastructure

- DMCii: data sales and value-added data products

- SST-US: satellites and supporting infrastructure (US market)

- Surrey Satellite Services Limited: launch service provision

SSTL proposes to its customers a vertically integrated satellite engineering capability, a “Cradle-to-grave” capability from mission definition through to launch, commissioning and operations.